About Us

Tayside Biorepository is an established Tissue Bank operated by a team of clinicians, scientists and research nurses located within the University of Dundee Medical School at Ninewells Hospital, Dundee, Scotland. The Biorepository works with the hospital’s Pathology Department to collect, process and store tissue samples from consenting patients for authorised medical research. It also facilitates access to samples held within the Pathology Archive. Since it was established the Biorepository has provided samples for a wide variety of research projects and contributed to multiple scientific publications.

Staff affiliated to Tayside Biorepository (TBR) - formerly Tayside Tissue Bank (TTB)

Dr Susan Bray, Research Scientist
Prof Frank Carey, Lead Pathologist
Sally Chalmers, Research Nurse
Dr Phil Coates, Research Scientist
Dr Sharon King, Manager
Dr Norman Pratt, Chair
Prof Charlotte Proby, Academic Lead


Tayside Biorepository is supported by NHS Tayside through the Chief Scientist Office and Health Sciences Scotland (formerly the Scottish Academic Health Science Collaboration, AHSC). In the past it has also received valuable support from the Medical Research Council (MRC), Cancer Research UK (CRUK) the Breast Cancer Campaign (BCC) and the Wellcome Trust.