About Us

Tayside Biorepository is an established Tissue Bank operated by a team of clinicians, scientists and research nurses located within the University of Dundee Medical School at Ninewells Hospital, Dundee, Scotland. The Biorepository works with the hospital’s Pathology Department to collect, process and store tissue samples from consenting patients for authorised medical research. It also facilitates access to samples held within the Pathology Archive. Since it was established the Biorepository has provided samples for a wide variety of research projects and contributed to multiple scientific publications.

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Typical Projects

The Tayside Biorepository is open to applications for tissue by groups both locally and outwith Tayside, including other academic institutions and commercial organisations. Tayside Biorepository is a key resource for Dundee Cancer Centre (DCC) and a component part of Tayside medical Science Centre (TASC), an umbrella organisation designed to facilitate and increase research activity across NHS Tayside and the University of Dundee.

The Bank facilitates a wide variety of research projects. Some examples of the areas of research that the Bank supports include:

  • Investigation of novel biomarkers to improve the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of disease
  • Determination of the association between certain genetic abnormalities and different tumours
  • Improving our understanding of the molecular mechanisms of cancer and its response, and resistance, to treatment

A list of projects the Tayside Biorepository has supported has supported is available. Each application for samples for use in medical research is reviewed by a group of clinicians, surgeons, pathologists as well as a member of the local research ethics committee. If they are satisfied of the merit and value of the proposed project then the samples are released for use on the provision that Tayside Biorepository is acknowledged in any scientific publication, paper, poster or product that may arise. You can find Information for researchers here.