Information for Researchers

The Tayside Biorepository (TBR) makes available a wide variety of matched normal and diseased tissue (primarily tumour material), as well as blood samples, for the purposes of medical research. The TTB is also able to provide histological, immunocytochemical, molecular, LMD and tissue microarray (TMA) services to investigators. (See Service Requests). Importantly the Bank also governs access to samples from the local NHS Pathology archive. Authorisation to examine H&E slides or to obtain sections from Formalin Fixed paraffin Embedded (FFPE) blocks for research purposes should be routed through the TTB Tissue Request system.

Access to samples

The contents of the Tayside Biorepository are open to applications from any researcher seeking to utilise banked material for legitimate purposes. The Bank aims to provide fair access to all in order to maximise public benefit and advance medical knowledge.The only condition is that a named local (i.e. Tayside) Pathologist and a local Clinician in a relevant speciality are included on every application, indicating their support. This is to ensure material of the appropriate type and quality is requested and released. Please note that it does not mean that these individuals must become formal collaborators on a project. Recognition of any contribution made should be dependent on the level of assistance required and provided. Should an applicant require assistance in identifying a suitable Tayside pathologist or clinician to assist them then please contact us.

A comprehensive description of the Bank's Access Policy is available on request.

For details on how to submit a request for tissue, or to obtain more information on the services the Tayside Biorepository can provide, please select the appropriate link: Tissue Requests | Service Requests.

the stages in the tissue biorepository application process