Information for Researchers

The Tayside Biorepository (TBR) makes available a wide variety of matched normal and diseased tissue (primarily tumour material), as well as blood samples, for the purposes of medical research. The TTB is also able to provide histological, immunocytochemical, molecular, LMD and tissue microarray (TMA) services to investigators. (See Service Requests). Importantly the Bank also governs access to samples from the local NHS Pathology archive. Authorisation to examine H&E slides or to obtain sections from Formalin Fixed paraffin Embedded (FFPE) blocks for research purposes should be routed through the TTB Tissue Request system.


If required, Tayside Biorepository can screen diseased tissue and normal samples for expression of specific biomarkers on behalf of researchers. Some of the biomarker groupings that Tayside Biorepository offers are shown below. Others are available. Please contact the Biorepository to discuss your requirements.

woman taking a sample out of a machine

p53 Pathway

Cell-cycle regulators

Markers of Apoptosis and cells survival

Cell-cell / Cell-matrix interactions

Cellular metabolic pathways & Drug metabolism pathways

Standard Diagnostic Immunohistchemical (IHC) antibodies

Tayside Biorepository maintains a comprehensive dataset on the antisera it has used and the optimal working conditions found.
Please contact us if you wish further information.