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Tayside Biorepository is a secure tissue bank holding small samples of surplus tissue and other specimens generously donated by consenting patients who have undergone surgery or other more minor medical procedures during the course of their investigations and treatment. Such samples are vital for medical researchers seeking to improve the detection and treatment of many different diseases as well as advance our understanding of how and why they arise.

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Total Stored Samples: 128359
Last updated: 03-10-2022
  • Introduction

    This website is for both patients who wish to know more about how their tissue is used and for researchers who wish to explore the possibility of utilising the donations kindly made by patients to advance medical research. It also explains some of the additional services the Tayside Biorepository provides to support research programmes.

  • Latest Projects

    - Identification of epigenetic alterations in tumor biopsies of colorectal cancer patients in order to develop predictive biomarkers against anti-EGFR therapy
    - Evaluation of EGFR as a therapeutic target in a subgroup of EGFR non-amplified Gastric Cancer (GC) patients
    - Early Colorectal Cancer Detection with the Dxcover Cancer Liquid Biopsy
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  • Tayside Biorepository Databases

    Use the quick search menu above to search through a wide variety of tissue types available. Each case may contain one or more samples of various types. If you require more information with regards to your enquiry then please contact us